White County Obituaries

These are obituaries from White County, Illinois residents at one time or another. Due to privacy concerns, it is probably not a good idea to post obits for recently deceased parties but use your own judgment; if you want it on there, I'll put it on. I have added some 2000-2002 obits so please contact me if you have a problem with living relatives listed. Many of these came from the Kittinger Fair Funeral Home site which sometimes posts obits online. Starting in 2007 0r 2008 a kind man has posted all new obits to the White County maillist so if you look for our archives you can find newer listings. The archives are at http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/index/ILWHITE . The Browning Obit database maintained by Evansville's Willard Library has many White County folks listed.. It is at http://browning.evcpl.lib.in.us/. At least two local funeral homes also post obituaries online:  http://www.kittinger-fairfuneralhome.com/ and  http://www.campbellfuneralservices.com/ .

If you have an obituary you want posted, please send it to Cindy Birk Conley. Put White Co. Obit in the subject line. Be sure and include your name and email address with your message.  You can probably have it displayed quicker if you use the genconnect system to post it yourself.

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