Notes from the White County
Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society appeared on Thursdays in "The Carmi Times"  through September 2002.

Copyright © 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 by "The Carmi Times" Permission to reprint granted to Laurel Crook, Cindy Birk Conley and the ILGenWeb by Tammy Knox, editor, "The Carmi Times."

Please follow the links below to previous columns as they appeared in the Carmi Times. As you can see, there are gaps in the table and only the underlined dates will take you to a column. I have a partial list of descriptions and am working to add information.

The Mary Smith Fay Genealogy Library is open from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm Tuesday through Friday.  Write us at PO Box 121, Carmi, IL 62821.  The phone is 618-382-8425 but has no answering machine and may not be answered when the library is closed. The Society's home page is located at Their email is

 The White County Historical Society offices and genealogy library are  located at 203 North Church Street, Carmi, Illinois.

Column Dates

Date Description
July 1, 1998 English villagers had same name--sort of--Endicott family
July 7, 1998 Relatives, dead and alive!--Endicott
July 14, 1998 1920 county census printed--several books mentioned
July 21, 1998 Seeking information on Yorks, Smiths, Harmons
July 27, 1998 County's 'founding fathers' wanted to name it 'Jackson'--petition signers listed
Aug 4, 1998 Pioneer lady was widowed four times, left 47 grandkids--Bryant, Newell, Calkins, Stanley
Aug 11, 1998 T.W. Hay writes about David Burrell--Webb, Craw, Graham, McHenry, Staley
Aug 17, 1998 More T.W. Hay from 1914--Staley and Garner
Aug 31, 1998 Letter written in 1836 by Esther West Conger--lists her children
Sept 14, 1998 Queries on King, Fleck, Odell, Garrison, Knowles
Sept 21, 1998 Hoosier researchers seek White, Posey ties--DEUISCHER, ERNST, JONES, RANEY, BERRY, ENDSLEY
Sept 29, 1998 The Old Schoolhouse--Robinson family
Oct 6, 1998 Smith, Baird, Funkhouser
Oct. 12, 1998 Abe Lincoln's visit to Ratcliff Inn--Tom Ary's report
Nov. 5, 1998 Unstable technology, Mary Smith Fay, Carmi Fire Department
Jan. 4, 1999 Auxier and Compton theft from 1816--McKenzie, Harral, Rutledge mentioned
Jan. 22, 1999  From one Pioneer to Another--Edward Kershaw of Grayville to Daniel Boultinghouse, 1854
Feb. 1, 1999 Understanding kinship, Daniel, Berry queries
Feb. 9, 1999 Courtship customs from the 1800s, poem by Janet Armstrong
April 27, 1999 Moving the genealogy collection to the Carnegie building was not an easy task, but IT HAS BEEN DONE!
May 4, 1999 WILSON, COBBLE, WINKLER queries.

Laurel Crook had a child around this time and was unable to continue
Jan 4, 2000 Model T, Model A seen about Crossville--Cox and Dobbs families
Jan 11, 2000 The Legend of Indian Jack--Cleveland family
Jan 18, 2000 Vignettes from the past--HALL, TUGGLE, WYNN query, 1892 newspaper articles
Feb 1, 2000 Notes from a murder trial--Frederick Cotner accused of the murder of  William McKee 1824
Feb 8, 2000 More murder trial details--Many names in this series of articles
Feb 15, 2000 The hanging that wasn't
Feb 22, 2000 Descendant of German immigrant needs help--SHERE, SHERER, SHEAR family, George Washington stories
Feb 29, 2000 Queries on Erwin, Edwards, Sutton
Mar 8, 2000 Column reprinted in Wyoming paper--Cemetery help still needed
Mar 14, 2000 Jim Hanks' reflections--A White County native living in Indiana writes about his 76 years
Mar 17, 2000 Thoughts on a long life--Jim Hanks
Mar 29, 2000 Memories of the past, hopes for the future--Jim Hanks
Apr 3, 2000 Carmi native dies at 94 in San Diego--Eddie Wiegele--Grayville paper--Dr. Daniel Berry
Apr 12, 2000 Teaching in an early school--Dr. Daniel Berry
Apr 19, 2000 The awful flood of '13
May 11, 2000 Cemetery customs--Aud family contacts
May 16, 2000 Recall the Carmi Dairy? Adams, Marlin, Brownsville Store, Craig family
May 24, 2000 A pioneer's story of the early West--Mrs. Carson Hon (nee Mary Ellen Crowder) 1849
June 2, 2000 Genealogy library will be open Sunday June 2, 2000--More on Mrs. Hon
June 8, 2000 The summer that wasn't --1816
June 22, 2000 Special bracelet worn at 18 weddings, so far--Hellner, Wood, Sutton, Harmon families
June 29, 2000 Would someone tackle Mill Shoals cemeteries? Gray family query
July 6, 2000 Researchers from 13 states, two countries in Carmi in June--1886 Grayville news
July 13, 2000 T. W. Hay's booklet entitled "Brains Boiled Down" from 1930s
July 20, 2000 Mover, shaker' recalled--GEORGE WUST (Wiist) biography from 1901 Atlas
July 27, 2000 Reading tombstones? Herbal cures, legends
Aug 3, 2000 He ran threshing machine, sawmill around Mill Shoals--Towle Simpson of Mill Shoals
Aug 10, 2000 Pioneer born in New York--Wm. H. Stokes--JAMERSON, JAMESON, JAMISON query
Aug 17, 2000 A dear lady mourned--Mary Smith Fay biography obit
Aug 24, 2000 Book sheds light on family legacy--Ball family
Aug 31, 2000 Enfield schools: Ernie Fechtig's 1979 history--Part 1 to 1860
Sept 7, 2000 The conclusion of Ernie Fechtig's Enfield school history--many names
Sept 14, 2000 A canticle for a cairn
Sept 21, 2000 Anything to this murder legend? Emmerson family--1883 history being reprinted

See table below--hit limit on number of rows

Date Description
Oct 5, 2000 The Wild Pigeon Roosts
Oct 10, 2000 About Salt Lake City's renowned genealogy library
Oct 12, 2000 A Pioneer saluted -- Soloman Charles
Oct 19, 2000 Orphans were indentured as recently as late 1800s
Oct 26, 2000 The strange story of Confederates in Brazil
Nov 2, 2000 When Granny was young
Nov 9, 2000 A tip to help read older tombstones
Nov 16, 2000 Funkhouser materials now housed at library
Nov 23, 2000 Unsung heroes, unusual 'luck'
Nov 30, 2000 Names that recur, amaze and confuse
Dec 6, 2000 Any Lincoln stories with a local angle?
Dec 14 2000 Recipes of the pioneers
Dec 21, 2000 New Year superstitions
Dec 29, 2000 About Christmas trees
Jan 4, 2001 A few bits and pieces
Jan 12, 2001 Parke family linked to George Washington--Wood family
Jan 18, 2001 Presidential trivis--middle names
Jan 26, 2001 Food of the pioneers
Feb 2, 2001 Genealogy library adopts new hours
Feb 8, 2001 Scientific genealogy
Feb 15, 2001 Bush says little about kinship to Brit royals
Feb 22, 2001 The Boones and New Haven
March 2, 2001 What is Southern Illinois--Grover Brinkman tribute
March 8, 2001 Unusual 'given' names are really nothing new--Bidwell family
March 15, 2001 Carnegie: Philanthropist, and ruthless steel baron
March 21, 2001 Steel in southern women
March 30, 2001 Washington state's oldest barn was built by White County man--Cleveland family
April 5, 2001 Air mail, the White County way--Sanders family
April 12, 2001 Have a photo of Fleck school you'd share--Marlin family
April 19, 2001 Details of a hanging--Charlie Birger
April 27, 2001 Volunteers needed May 4 to read tombstones in Grayville
May 3, 2001 Carmi's Dandelion War
May 11, 2001 Remembering Earhart
May 18, 2001 It's German, not Dutch
May 25, 2001 Weigants will gather soon at Windsor Oaks
May 31, 2001 Cousins of consequence--Lauretta Carr tribute
June 8, 2001 Burnt Prairie--Introducing new book on the village in the 20th century
June 15, 2001 Treasures of the Past--Cyril Barton's White County memoir "So Grows the Tree"
June 22, 2001 White County native first bride of Seattle, Wash--Louisa Boren Denny
June 29, 2001 What was on the Ark
July 5, 2001 do not see a column
July 13, 2001 A Pearce memory found--Pearce family
July 20, 2001 Illinois had fewer people than any state admitted
July 27, 2001 Descendant thrilled with family memento--Pearce family--Indian Creek Twp history
Aug 3, 2001 Indian Creek history--lots of family names
Aug 10, 2001 Lore of Indian Creek--Pyle, Pond, Pearce, Trousdale families
Aug 17, 2001 no article found
Aug 24, 2001 Early churches of Indian Creek--Walnut Grove and Old Sharon
Sept 1, 2001 Early days in Norris City; and Indian Creek hamlets--Middlepoint, Roland, Gossett
Sept 7, 2001 Phillips Township gravestones read; Elgin man doing Maple Ridge alone as work continues--Raleigh Sutton's work on cemetery readings
Sept 14, 2001 Information submitted, and information sought--Cotton, Logan, Copeland (Copelin)
Sept 21, 2001 New books published here--Phillips Twp cemeteries, Hillyard scrapbook, Yesterday's News
Sept 28, 2001 Highlights of September '14--Cleveland, Hillyard scrapbook exerpts
Oct 5, 2001 A White County childhood--Cyril Barton, author of "So Grows the Tree"
Oct 12, 2001 Same name, same place--Young Stokes of Gallatin and White Counties
Oct 19, 2001 Ads from the distant past
Oct 26, 2001 Exercise for genealogists; origins of German names
Nov 2, 2001 Genealogy collection grows by 250 books
Nov 9, 2001 County celebrated end of 'war to end all wars'
Nov 23, 2001 Great read those old graveyard!
Nov 30, 2001 Pioneer Graveyards razed--Jimmy Carter genealogy--Wells family
Dec 7, 2001 60 years ago today: FDR's 'date of infamy'
Dec 15, 2001 Burnt Prairie books will arrive Dec 15--Grayville's Mike Smith
Dec 20, 2001 Library closes Saturday--thanks to volunteers
Dec 24, 2001 Clippings from 87 years ago--Clara May Hillyard
Jan 9, 2002 Leading Men of Dogtown--Emma township history
Jan 24, 2002 More History of Emma
Feb 2, 2002 Ancient gravestones, Indian Mounds and a lake gone dry-Emma
Feb 8, 2002 same as 2/2--need to fix
Feb 15, 2002 Heard of this graveyard--Toombs cemetery
Feb 21, 2002 What happened to Emily Wells--Howell family
Mar 01 2002 Fashion oddities of the past
Mar 9, 2002 Gray Township cemetery book has been published
Mar 15, 2002 The importance of one--Hall family
Mar 20, 2002 Irish without the "O" and Byrd's memories--Barr & Patrick families
Mar 24, 2002 A look at turn of the century life
Apr 3, 2002 Prairie block houses--Marlin family
Apr 15, 2002 Collection of genealogical materials grow day by day
Apr 20, 2002 The fascinating Dunkards--Hon family
Apr 26, 2002 Funeral pamphlets included in book--Jacques, Hosick, Hall, Smith Tuggle query
May 3, 2002 Volunteers have index of local deaths from 1872 to 1946
May 9, 2002 Odd machine, odd game--Fox, Delicate families
May 16, 2002 Story of a Pioneer--Rev. Braxton Parrish
May 23, 2002 A Pioneer's Story, continued
May 30, 2002 Surviving in the wilds of southern Illinois--Rev. Parrish
Jun 6, 2002 'Providence' helped him get out of debt before breakfast--Rev. Parrish
Jun 14, 2002 You live in Waconteby?
June 19, 2002 Wood live took their share of Egypt pioneer's grain--Rev. Parrish
June 20, 2002 same as 6/19--to be deleted
June 27, 2002 The old man remembers--conclusion of Rev. Parrish
July 11, 2002 The will says it all--Geer family
July 18, 2002 Songs and fads that marked the decades
Aug 3 2002 Sears homes and the '30s
Aug 15 2002 Remember the 40's?
Aug 24 2002 Another Sears house, remember the 50's
Aug 26 2002 More decades of note
Aug 30 2002 Additions to the collection, fads of the 80s and 90s
Sept 7 2002 So this is goodbye...

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