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This is the place to post queries and view queries.  The queries are the "guts" of the site, and everyone who visits should search the queries and leave a couple of comments or a listing of your surnames.  We have several talented researchers who enjoy the challenge of doing research on White County topics.

The system of message boards for queries, biographies, obituaries, etc, which we previously used was taken over in June 2001 by Ancestry, Inc. and combined into a single county board, along with previous Ancestry posts. From this time forward I would prefer to use the automated system for queries only and place other information, such as wills and biographies, on the web site.

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Surname Helper

Surname Helper is a surname-searchable database of queries and surname registrations posted on various genealogy sites, such as US GenWeb and World GenWeb.  I have no idea if this system works now that Ancestry has taken over the Genconnect system. As of 2010 someone was nice enough to tell me that  while it looks like this system works the links all go to "file not found" pages. I would search the archived query pages to look for your surnames. Nowadays you can also find lots of interesting information through Google and other search engines, although I wouldn't spend money on the book on using Google in Genealogy. Search on your family name and White County or Carmi or Enfield or whatever location.  If you think you have Revolutionary War patriots in your history DAR records are a great source of information--I joined Wabash Chapter a few years ago, on my father's Kentucky line.

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