Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Queries on Erwin, Edwards  2/29/2000

ERWIN - Interested in obtaining information on James K. Erwin, who was listed in 1860 White Co. Census along with his family. Who were his parents? Might they have been Robert and Bina Erwin? I would appreciate hearing from anyone researching ERWIN. Mrs. Wilma L Mitzenius, PO Box 88, Oneida, IL 61467.
Sutton, EDWARDS -- Need information on Sally Edwards, who married Seith Sutton in White Co. April 22,1846. They had six known children. Who were her parents? When and where was she born? died? where buried? Vaught's cemetery book shows Seith Sutton buried in Riverside Cemetery. The latest cemetery transcript does not list this; perhaps the stone is illegible or no longer there. Charlene Strode Montgomery, W7289 Becherer Drive, Minong, WI 54859-9208.
Ernestine Brown has donated a computer to our library. Thanks so much, Ernestine!
Here's part of "a funny" which has made its way into several family newsletters and on the Internet recently:


You are the only person to show up at the cemetery research party with a shovel.

To put the final touches on your genealogical research, you've asked all your closest relatives to provide you with DNA samples.

Your house leans slightly toward the side where your genealogical records are stored.

Ed McMahon, several TV cameras and an envelope from Publishers Clearing House arrive at your front door on Super Bowl Sunday, and the first thing you say is, "Are you related to the McMahons of Ohio?"

A magical genie appears and agrees to grant your any one wish, and you ask that the 1890 Census be restored.

You decided to take a two-week break from genealogy, and the U.S. Postal Office immediately laid off 1,500 employees.

Provided by Janet Armstrong

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