Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Feb. 1, 1999


If researching in wills, deeds, and other legal papers which date back to Colonial times, one should be aware that many terms relating to kinship did not mean the same things which they now mean. I've mentioned before that senior and junior didn't necessarily mean father and son. If two people in the same area had the same name, the older one was referred to as senior and the younger as junior. The two might be father and son, or they might be uncle and nephew, or perhaps no relation. might be any female relative, but was often a granddaughter, while generally referred to a grandson. Mother-in-law was the term often used for step-mother. Brother could actually be a brother, but it might also refer to a brother-in-law, or a lodge or church "brother."

DANIEL--Searching for proof that Mary Jane Blackford Daniel Endicott was the mother of Lenora Jane Daniel, born in White County, Illinois, on January 16, 1855. Lenora married Charney Wall in Posey Co., Indiana, July 22, 1876. Contact Sharon Gullett; 4025 Grant Line Road; New Albany, Indiana 47150.

BERRY--Searching for information about Emily Berry, prior to her marriage to Nathaniel Dickison Brockett. Emily was b. 1818 and d. 1857. Who were her parents, and/or siblings? Where was the Berry family prior to coming to White County? Contact Jean Stotts; 10260 Anderson-Antiock Road; Mt. Sterling, Ohio 433143-9101.

Nita Anderson (descended from the Herald's Prairie Madins) is a librarian at Weatherford, Texas. She is also a devoted genealogist. An article in the Parker Co. Shopper, dated Jan. 12, 1999, detailed the services of the Weatherford Library. However, the last sentence of the article left Ms. Anderson sputtering. It read: "And if you would like to explore the early history of Parker County, the Weatherford Public Library's Gynecological room is a treasure trove of wonderful articles, old newspapers, photos, and more."

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