Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Vignettes from the past

HALL, TUGGLE, WYNN--Seeking information on my great-grandmother, Mary E. Hall Tuggle Wynn. First marriage: Joseph Tug­gle, six children. Second marriage: James Wynn on Dec. 9, 1896. 1910 Census showed Mary living with three of her Tuggle children in Maunie.

Two of her siblings were Cora and Dora Hall. Cora married John Jacques about 1887 and lived in Concord.

I'm looking for my great-grand­mother's date of death, burial place and generally what happened to her. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Shirley Tuggle Ingram, Route 3, Box 134B, Albion, IL 62806. Phone 1-618-445-4013.


It always takes me forever to look something up in old newspapers because I get sidetracked read­ing lots of other items of interest. So it happened when I was looking for an obituary in the Jan. 28, 1892 Carmi Courier. (A year's subscription was $1.25.)

I couldn't help noticing that many of the local columnists men­tioned how many people were ill with La Grippe (flu). An item from the German Settlement mentioned the La Grippe was raging in that community. It also mentioned sleighing was the order of the day. The Concord correspondent said the river was frozen over.

I noted some school news. From Iron came the news teacher A. M. Kurby had adjourned school last week owing to the inclemency of the weather and the bad condition of the old log cabin school house.

From Stokes Chapel we learn the school is progressing nicely under the management of Prof. J. W. Oldham, one of the best teachers in the country.

The Hadden teacher, G. L. New­man, reported 21 days taught in January, with an enrollment of 33 pupils, average daily attendance 15. "Those perfect in attendance and good deportment are: Willie and Charley Boehringer, George Seitz, and Mary Garner." Parents and pa­trons are respectfully invited to visit the school.

From the German Settlement news came the following report: There was a spelling match at Frieberger last Thursday night. Program: 7 to 7:15, singing by school; 7:15 to 9:15, spelling by school; 9:15 to 10, intermission; 10 to 10:55, ciphering match by school; 10:55 to 11:10, speech by William Hubele; 11:10 to 11:25, speech by Jake Lichtenburger Jr.; 11:25 to 11:45, speech by Jacob Maurer; 11:45 to 12, temperance lecture by Miss Minnie Cox, after which we all of us returned to our respective homes feeling it was well to be there. (I can't help but wonder how much attention that last speech received at that hour!)

From Brownsville came the news that "our enterprising merchant, J. S. Ketcham, shipped 500 rabbits to Chicago one day recently."

Another from the German Settlement: Now for the benefit of Johnny Pfister and others just starting out, we will attempt to give a definition of a kiss. A kiss is an anatomical juxtaposition of two ar­biscularious muscles in a state of contraction.

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