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Original & Important Owners Current Owner Location  Year Awarded
Dr. Daniel Berry - Harriett Vaught Bethany Scates
Third St., Carmi 1970
North Storms - Boyer - Pomeroy Mr. and Mrs. Jack Leithliter Third St., Carmi 1970
W.W. Gray - Abner Carey* Sherry Carey Garcia  - for sale
Grayville 1970
John M. Crebs - Evans The Social House LLC
Main St, Carmi 1971
James Logan  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sailer  Emma area 1971
W.F. Elliot - Eleanor Pomeroy Mark and Becky Stanley Main St, Carmi 1972
Dr. Thomas Long - Land - Barlow Mr. and Mrs. Scott Healy Enfield 1972
Lucy Crebs Berry - Pearce - Brown Formerly Pud Williams - New owners
Third St., Carmi 1973
George W. Webb - Angiel - Flower Janet Ronalds Walker North St, Grayville 1973
Chauncey Conger Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hyatt
Stewart St, Carmi 1974
Felix Viskniskki - Joe Jackson Cindy Birk Conley Walnut St, Carmi 1974
John Hanna torn down by family
Big Prairie 1974
Wesley Gold Boyer - Finch - Newcomb Mr and Mrs. Jack Martin  Third St., Carmi 1975
Isadore A. Shipley - Finch Kent "Pete" Fulkerson
Third St., Carmi 1978
Frances M. Lanterman - Munsey Dennis Loven - may have burned
Grayville 1979
Henry Slater Land Powell Land - still in family Big Prairie 1980
Rufus Stinson - Ivan Elliott Mr and Mrs Robert Newingham Third St., Carmi 1982
Henry Philhour Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sutton  Omaha area 1983
Allen McClain Stum Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rawlinson Crossville 1985
James Morrison Letha Coale Miller estate
Burnt Prairie 1986
Joseph L. Bennett  Joe and Betty West Hawthorne Twp 1987
Col. Everton Conger Brian and Holly Kirkpatrick Main St, Carmi 1989
Louis Haas and Helen Conger Haas
Keith and Sandra Johnson
Third St., Carmi 1990
Dr. John Lehman - Barnes  Mr. and Mrs. Matt Healy  Oak & 6th, Carmi 1991
Cleveland - Coston family
David and Marcia Coston
Phillipstown areas
Stinnett Family - Stein
David and Sarah Stanley Brown First St, Carmi 1992
American Womens League* Blake and Jessica Williams
Main St, Carmi 1993
Albert Ransom Goodman  Fred and Brenda Smith  Church St, Carmi 1994
Webb-Hay - Boeger Glenn and Mary Coleman
Main Cross, Carmi 1995
Frances Parrish - John Powell - Hale David and Phoebe Port
Main St, Carmi 1996
James Robert Williams "Castle"* Glenn Coleman
Main St, Carmi 1997
William Smith Daniel and Ruth Drury, home is for sale Third St., Carmi 1999
John M. Crebs "Chestnut Grove" - Williams Jane Absher Carmi Twp 2000
Arthur Charles -  McCallister Scott and Lindell Duvall Rice Main St, Carmi 2001
Morris Blasker Terry and Tresa Gholson Main St, Carmi 2002
John R. Jones - Rice - Stanley Rebecca Stanley Main St, Carmi 2003
Melrose Hotel-Campbell Funeral Home David and Sharon Campbell Main St, Carmi 2004
 Robert and Florence Hurley - Endicottl
James Robert amd Virginia Endicott
5th Street, Carmi

*Listed on National Register of Historic Places

National register info is available from the National Park Service at:


and from the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency at:


They used to have a list of  honored properties but don't see it now.

In some of the early years several awards were given, while there was no award the year Cecil Hucker was society president, which we think was 1988. In 1998 the society had a joint fall meeting with the Home Culture Circle, a General Federal of Women's Clubs member, which was celebrating its 100th anniversary. The group organized Carmi's first library in the Ratcliff Inn building, and was instrumental in obtaining Carnegie funding for the 1914 library. In 2005 there was no award due to events surrounding the Key Ingredients Exhibit in Carmi. The final award was given in 2014 to the Robinson Stewart House, which is already on the National Register. Long-time Chairman Kent F.P. Boeger had retired after the 2006 award. Originally, only homes 100 years or older were considered for the award, along with integrity, restoration efforts, and historic significance. Please help us with changes in ownership or errors we have made in linking the photos.

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