Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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New books published here

FOR OLD TIMERS ONLY: Remember when we used to play a game in which all
participants were divided into two sides, and we played with a team on
either side of a barn or other building and threw the ball over the roof
to the opposing team? Our group always called this "Andy Over." I've
heard others call the game "Annie Over." However, last week I read
someone's reminisces in which he called the game "Anthony Over!" Now, I
ask you, "Isn't that a bit affected? What did you call it?"


NEW BOOKS produced by our library:

"White County Cemeteries, Vol. 1: Phillips Township." This is the first
in our series of cemetery books. It not only contains the present-day
readings, but includes notations of differences from Vaught's cemetery
book. It includes a map of the township showing locations of the
cemeteries. Full-name index. Softbound. $18 ppd., $15 in-house.

"The Scrapbook of Clara Mae Hillyard 1914-1920." Contains newspaper
clippings of White County WWI soldiers inducted, wounded, MIA, etc. Also
contains clippings of weddings, parties, funerals, etc. The book was
deteriorated to the extent we had to copy it for our library and thought
some of you might like your own copy. It's very rough--this is NOT a
polished book--but you'll enjoy reading it. Soft bound 175 pages, full
index. $12 ppd., $10 in-house.

"Yesteryear's News" from the files of The Carmi Times, The Shopper News
and Mercury-Independent. These are the columns which take us back 25,
50 and 100 years. After we copied these columns to make a book for our
Genealogy Library, we decided to also offer it for sale. Though it's not
beautiful, it IS a great resource, and you'll enjoy reading through it.
Soft bound. 350 pages. $28 ppd., $25 in-house.

This book has been indexed by Linda Kay Kuykendall (what a big job!),
and that makes it much easier to find your relatives in these pages.


Notice to scrapbookers: DATE IT! We have so much interesting
information come in to us with no dates, and while it may be fun trying
to determine the dates, it is not always accurate. While we're on the
subject, date and identify your pictures, too. There are so many
pictures which come to us with no I.D.s, and while we work with
genealogy, chances are we won't know it's your Aunt Hallie or Grannie


The Genealogy Library is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to
2 p.m.


Address letters to Genealogy, White County Historical Society, PO Box
121, Carmi, IL 62821.

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