Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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The will says it all

WHY GENEALOGISTS GROW GRAY: While searching for my elusive line of Geer
ancestors, I was reading an article in "The Genealogist" (Spring 2000

I noted Elijah Geer and cousin Silas Geer lived in the town of Preston,
Conn. in the 1730s.

Elijah's children's names were Hannah, Thankful, Nathan, Silvina,
Aphiah, Lucinda, Betsey, Elijah, Elisha, Elias, Eunice and Jedediah.
The children in the Silas Geer family were named Amasa, Elijah, Elisha,
Joseph, Dorothy, Thankful and Levina.

Both families had a Thankful, and an Elijah and Elisha--all about the
same age. If one were searching and came across any of these names, how
would one prove which set of parents they belonged to?

Some of the more unusual given names from the articles in that journal
were Ursula, Amys (son) and Pawes (gender not given).

Then there were Toiler, Amias, Osala, Sysseley, Pouncey, Micajah, More,
Sheldrake, Nehemiah, Bowler, Nightingale, Clivers, Milbone, Farquhar,
Migale, Hazekiah, Palius, Pleasant, Archelius, Mickings, Guliamus,
Rules, Blandina, Geddis, Alsup, Arsenith, Liona, Zerviah, Zeruiah,
Philena, Philoness, Silsby, Rossiter, Parley and Permelia.

Not all of them had unusual names: My ancestor's name was Mary Geer.

Will found in Frederick County, Va. dated 13 October 1760.
Item: I give and bequeith (sic) unto Ann Morgan Daughter of Morgan
Morgan of sd. County, the sum of ten pounds to be paid her by my
Executors hereafter Named. Which sd. Ann Morgan lived with me for many
years past and sometimes pretended to be my wife and by whom I'm
supposed to have begotten sundry sons and Daughters.... (Taken from "The
Genealogist" Vol. 14, No, 1)

We find it especially gratifying when researchers come here from a
distance and find something that's especially helpful. Last week a lady
called from California to thank us again for what she was able to find
in our library when she visited.

The Genealogy Library is open from 10 am. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through
Saturday. Come in and get acquainted.

Address letters to Genealogy, White County Historical Society, PO Box
121, Carmi, IL 62821.

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