Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Volunteers needed May 4 to read tombstones in Grayville

With warm weather upon us, we are hoping those volunteers who are
reading tombstones are hard at work. Several who volunteered have never
checked in with us, so we hope you're still on the job.

At this point, Phillips Township is the only township which is totally
finished, so we plan to start printing this soon. In the meantime,
planning goes on for the other townships in White County.

We plan to include Oak Grove Cemetery in Grayville in our listings for
Gray Township, although this cemetery is in Edwards County. Many White
County people are buried there. We haven't had any volunteers for this
one, and it is a big cemetery. So we're planning a blitz, hoping to get
a lot of workers on one day, and see if we can't get it done, or almost

There is one large old section which will be difficult to read, but the
other sections are in nice, even rows and have tombstones which are
quite legible, so recording them should go rapidly.

Reading day is planned for Friday, May 4. Anyone who can spare some
time on that date should call Pat Davis at the Genealogy Library
(between 10 and 2 Tuesday through Saturday) at 382-8425. If you need to
call during the evening, you might call me at 966-3744.

We want to have some idea of how many workers we'll have, so we'll know
how to divide the territory.  We'll probably try to car pool.

If possible, bring a friend to work with you. You'll need a notebook
and pen, and possibly a clipboard. If you're experienced at this and
have any mirrors, brushes or anything else which might assist you in
reading, bring them along. We'll provide chalk for rubbing.

No experience necessary to apply for this job!

We hope to start about 9 a.m. If you can give us two or three hours of
your time (or all day) on May 4, it would give us a big boost. In case
it is raining on that date, the alternate date of the following

Thursday, May 10, is planned. Lunch in Grayville is on us.


Address letters to Genealogy, White County Historical Society, PO Box
121, Carmi, IL 62821.

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