Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Funeral pamphlets included in book

Jacques, Hosick, Hall, Smith, Tuggle--We'd like to correspond with any
descendants of Cora Jacques, Dora Hosick, J. W. Hall, Newton Hall and
Laura Smith. (These are the children of Elijah Hickman Hall and
Elizabeth Morris.) Address: Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Husman, 4542 Cherry
Tree Lane, Sykesville, MD 21784-9607. (Mrs. Husman is the former
Beverly Mitchell of this area.)


Librarian Pat Davis is always working as a "book-maker." Right now
she's making a book of the information from those little pamphlets
which are given out at funerals and which contain information about the
death of the person. If you have kept several of those and don't know
what to do with them, we'd like to have them so Pat can incorporate them
into her book. Some people have brought in scrapbooks of these funeral
booklets for Pat to copy.


When we delve into genealogy we expect we may find a few skeletons in
the family closet. A friend has sent me a copy of a discovery she made.
She takes her genealogy seriously enough that she's made a couple of
trips to Ireland and Scotland. Concerning a member of her ancestral
family, she found this paragraph in the Ordnance Survey Memoir, Maghera
Parish, Londonderry.

"There is at present a curious instance of an hermaphrodite residing in
a small cabin in the village of Curran, where she was born. Her name is
Fanny xxx; she wears the dress of a female principally, with a man's
shirt and sometimes a coat. Her voice is manlike and she has a strong
beard, which she keeps cut close to the skin. Her stature is small and
her whole appearance masculine. She is now about 50 years of age and was
a reputed fighter with a stick at fairs and quarrels."

Her full name was given. This was published in 1836. Sounds like our
present-day tabloids, doesn't it?


The Genealogy Library is open from 10 to 2 Tuesday through Saturday.
We've had several out-of-state visitors this past week.

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