Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Sept. 14, 1998

KING, FLECK, LEAMMONS, REEVES, GOWDY--Need proof of some dates concerning George M. King. First wife: Julia Fleck, b. ab 1823, died in childbirth. When and where were they married? Second wife: Eleanor Leammons, m. 1844 Harrison County, Ky. d. Shawneetown. Need death date. Later marriages to Reeves and Gowdy are in White County, so dates are established. James R. King, 348 Westwood, Jackson, TN 38301. Ph: 1-901-427-6059

GARRISON--Would like to contact anyone who is working on White County Garrisons. My grandfather was William Monroe Garrison. My great-grandfather was Thomas H.B. Garrison, and my great-great-grandfather was Gomer Garrison, who came to White County about 1837. Duke A. Garrison, 1212 Parkview Road, Sterling, IL 61081. Ph: 1-825-625-7403

KNOWLES--Need death dates for James F. Knowles and Mary E. Williams Knowles, who were married in White County in 1875. Several children were orphaned by the deaths of these parents and were placed with various families in the area. Sue Traver, 3316 Alena Ct., Winter Park, FL 32792-2001. E-mail [email protected]

The ODELL Family Reunion will be held in St. Peters, Mo. (five miles west of St. Charles) Oct. 1-3. The ODELL/O'DELL/ODLE Reunion will feature speakers on the War of 1812; Rockingham County, N.C. Migration; Immigrant Odell Ancestors; Connecting the Odells of Randolph County, N.C. to Randolph County, Ala.; and several other topics. A disk containing a copy of the Odell database may be purchased. Anyone desiring more information may call me or visit the Genealogy Libray.

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The Genealogy Library is open from 11 to 5 on Wednesdays.
Write us at PO Box 121, Carmi, IL 62821.

Notes from the Genealogy Library
White County Historical Society
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