Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Last week this column started reprinting a newspaper account written by
Mrs. Carson Hon, the former Mary Ellen Crowder (1848-1912). She
narrated how the family went West to the Gold Rush and remained to farm.
In 1854, Carson Hon of Phillipstown went out and joined the group,
working part-time on the farm and part-time in mining. We continue the

"Mr. Hon and I were acquainted several years, and on April 10, 1866, we
were married at 11 a.m. We went to Sacramento by canoe, stayed one week,
then went to San Francisco and took a ship (for there was no railroad.)
We were out one week and landed at Acapulco, Mexico, took on fuel and
water, and the next stop was at Panama, where we spent the day. The
sailors had been unruly and when we left, they had them all handcuffed
on the deck. We crossed the Isthmus on May 1, 1866, by rail, and took a
ship on the Atlantic to New York and were on the water 30 days. We went
by rail from New York to Cincinnati, then took a stage coach to
Evansville, Ind. and on to New Harmony.

"Mr. Hon went out in town and met Allen Stum, father of the late A. M.
Stum of Crossville, and he let him have his horse and buggy to come over
to Phillipstown and meet his brothers.

We lived in Phillipstown and near Calvin 20 years. When I went back to
California, my mother didn't recognize me. We stayed in California for
about three years, then came back to our farm near Calvin. In 1900 we
went to Roswell, N.M. for the benefit of Mr. Hon's health and lived
there 12 years, when he passed away.

"Since that time I have resided in Long Beach and Los Angeles, Calif.;
Phoenix, Ariz.; Deming, N.M.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and White County, Ill.

"I came back to attend the Baptist Association which convenes Tuesday of
this week at Little Wabash Church, of which I have been a member since
This concludes Mrs. Hon's account of her life. The 1883 White County
History states the couple owned 330 acres of good farmland in Phillips
Township, that Mr. Hon had accumulated considerable money and voted the
Democratic ticket. Also, according to the history, the couple were
parents of Edward Everett, Louisa Anzella, Clarence Herman, Lena Leota,
Lotta Viola and Ernest Wilmer Hon.

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