Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Would someone tackle Mill Shoals cemeteries?

GRAY-Who were parents of William Gray, born in 1800 in South Carolina
and married to Rebecca Robertson in 1839 in Carmi, and died (date
unknown) in White County? William Gray was married previously. What was
his first wife's name? Contact Michael W. Gray, 105 W. Oliver, Roswell,
NM 88201.
Several genealogists from White County attended sessions of Moonlight
Madness held at Willard Library last week. A few avid researchers
spent the week in Evansville so they could attend all sessions. This is
an annual event put on by Willard Library in which noted speakers are
brought in with information on area records and "how-to" tips for the
serious genealogist.
MILL SHOALS CEMETERIES: Are there some concerned citizens in the Mill
Shoals area who would volunteer to read some cemeteries? No one has
offered to do Hammack, McIntosh, Newby and Burnt Prairie. A couple of
Mill Shoals cemeteries are finished, and some others are in progress.
However, we haven't had any brave souls come forth for the
above-mentioned cemeteries. How about getting a buddy or two to help,
and spending some early evenings at one of these cemeteries? If you can,
let me know by calling 966-3744.
Plans are to publish these cemeteries by townships, and we don't have
any of the ten townships complete yet. The first township complete will
be the first one published. I'm the official typist, and was wondering
how long such a project would take. Then we had an idea. Some of these
finished cemetery reports are coming in, having been done on computer.
Computer guru Pat Davis says if those of you with computers would turn
your cemetery work in on a floppy, it would eliminate my having to
re-type it. And I'm all for that! Plus, each time this is typed there's
a chance for making errors with all those names and dates. Pat says the
form you use doesn't matter; she can show me how to re-arrange it so
that all the columns will be consistent. (Being almost computer
illiterate, I'm sure I couldn't do that by myself!) So a floppy disk of
your cemetery would be nice. However, don't let that deter others who
might transcribe tombstones--I'm sure I can read your handwriting.
Having been a school teacher for 35 years, I've had lots of experience
with reading various kinds of penmanship.
Overheard: "The big rain made my basement so damp that when I set a
mousetrap, I caught a catfish!"
The Genealogy Library is open Wednesdays 11 to 5.

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