Notes from the White County Historical Society

By Charlene Shields

Notes from the White County Historical Society as they appear in "The Carmi Times."

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Recall the Carmi Dairy?  5/16/2000

Cemeteries--Here's hoping those volunteers who are reading tombstones are hard at work before the weather gets much hotter. We plan to publish this work by townships, so the first township to be completed by the volunteers will be the first book we'll try to publish. Let me know how you're doing. There are still plenty of cemeteries left for which there are no volunteers. We need more helpers!
Carmi Dairy - Cindy Conley has heard from someone wanting information about the Carmi Dairy. The inquirer says he has some one-pint milk bottles from the Carmi Dairy. The seal mark on the bottles is dated Jan. 11, 1914. Among our staff we remember the Stokes Dairy on Cherry Street and the Britt Dairy on East Main, but we can't come up with anything about the Carmi Dairy. Help! Contact Cindy Conley or the Genealogy Library on Wednesday.
Adams Marlin - Looking for information on John G. Adams, born about 1820, and his wife, Rachel, daughter of John and Nancy Marlin Adams. Also, Rachel Elizabeth Marlin Pool, wife of Thomas, who died in 1877. Need cemetery locations and/or death dates. Also, need actual birth date of Harold Dean Marlin. He used 1 June 1880 as the date, but I've found out this is not the true date. Nita Anderson, PO Box 547, Weatherford, TX 76086
Old Brownsville Store - John T. Cozart of Carmi is searching for a picture of the old store building in Brownsville, perhaps about 1930. If someone out there has such a picture, give Mr. Cozart a call at 382-8103.
In searching for my Craigs in Mecklenburg County, N.C., I found an inventory of the estate of William Craig. Some of the terminology has disappeared from our present-day usage. Original spelling is maintained here.
Inventory: Ten Negroes, viz Isom, Sam, and Patience and her children viz Ben, Peat, Selah, Joe, Sam, David and Jean. One sorrel mare, two mules, 27 head of cattle, two waggons, viz a large and small one, two stills, and between 20 and 30 hogsheads, three fallen axes and one broad axe, two draw knives, two saws, three plains, two cradles, two mowing scythes, one crescent saw, two barsher plows, three shovel plows, two pair of giers, four chollars, one log chain, one pair of double trees, one pair of stretchers, two three-horse trees, three cleves, one single tree, two grabble irons, two shovel irons, two shovel moulds, one coulter, three hoes, two pair of stilliards, one rifle gun. The number of sheep and hogs cannot be ascerained, perhaps 25 head of sheep and 50 head of hoggs. Dated 19 Aug. 1830.

There is a later court paper showing how the heirs met and set a value on each slave and came to an amicable agreement as to the division of these slaves.
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