A Stroll in Time

In October 2012 the society mounted a living history day encompassing vignettes at the Matsel Cabin and Robinson Stewart House Museum concerning our county's participation in the Civil War. The tour started with our own 87th Infantry and soldiers and camp followers talking about the events of the war. https://civilwar.illinoisgenweb.org/history/087.html

A group of women at the Robinson Stewart house wrappaed bandages and talked about the end of the war and https://civilwartalk.com/threads/mary-ann-bickerdyke.74603/, Mother Bickergyke, who would be the recipient of the donations. The photographer also took many photographs of the Robinson Stewart house museum.

There were two scenes behind the museum, including our David Brown portraying Colonel John M. Crebs, commander of the 87th, giving his fairwell address after a parade in July 1865. Barry Cleveland portrayed Dr. Daniel Berry, surgeon for the 87th whose letters to his wife, portrayed by Mary McRoy, formed their dialogue.

The event was so lovely and well photographed that I wanted to share the pictures with you.