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Several books are by Harriet Vaught et al, soft-cover, and are not indexed:  The late Mrs. Vaught's books are valuable references but contain a number of typing and other errors--my own grandparents are omitted from the section on Enfield Cemetery. Shipping is $4.00 per item. These prices were effective June 2010--UPDATED. Call or email for an update, as out-of-stock items may be available for a look-up or reprint.  Contact w.c.h.s-genealogy@hotmail.com if you have questions before making your order, and remember that your orders are filled by volunteers and may take 3 or 4 weeks to arrive. 


Marriages from White County Illinois 1818-1880, Vol I (208 pages) Includes several 1901 records ......... . $20

Marriages from White County Illinois 1881-1900, Vol II (233 pages) Includes 1976-1979 Probate Index ........ $20

Marriages from White County Illinois 1901-1915, Vol III (177 pages)............ $20

Marriages from White County Illinois 1918-1930 Vol IV (177 pages) Includes 1978-1982 Estate Index, 1960-1981 Will Index, 1915-1916 Personal Property Index, 1861 Militia Roll, 1915 list of oldest persons in U.S., 1915 list of Nominations for Overland Car, 1915-1916 Unclaimed letters, & some newspaper gleanings from 1916.......$20


Cemeteries of White County Illinois, Volume I (315 pages) Includes townships of Mill Shoals, Burnt Prairie, Gray, Indian Creek, Heralds Prairie, & Emma (some cemeteries are listed but not in index) INCLUDES FULL NAME INDEX................ $30

Cemeteries of White County Illinois, Volume II (295 pages) Includes townships of Enfield, Carmi, Hawthorne, & Phillips, plus map showing cemetery locations for entire county ............. $25

Hamilton County Illinois Cemeteries L Probate Index 1821-1900 (275 pages) Includes Will Book 2, Hamilton County History Index, Early tax lists to 1850, 1821-1900 Probate Index. If you really want good Hamilton County listings Ed Shuster (who died in 2007) did some great booklets and there are other readings in the library at McLeansboro............. $15

The Old Cemetery of Carmi 1817-1988 (54 pages, soft-cover, index) Photos of stones, plats, names, locations--this is a good book to show how to map and record cemeteries. The price is low because copies were donated to the society by the estate of Claire Williams, who commissioned the cemetery project ..... $5

White County cemeteries, Vol. 1: Phillips Township. Published 2000. Includes annotations from Vaught's cemetery book, plus a map of Phillips township and directions to the cemeteries: Bean's Crossing, Bethel, Brown, Charles, Cherry (gone), Hood, Kuykendall, Little Wabash, Murphy (gone), Old Phillipstown,
Phillipstown, Ralls, Riverside, Stokes Chapel, Thompson (gone), Whitting. (166 pages, soft-cover, full-name index) ........ $15

White County cemeteries, Vol 2: Gray Township. Second in a series. Mostly contains Oak Grove Cemetery on the north edge of Grayville, plus nearby Edwards County cemeteries. By Mary Smith Fay Genealogy Library Volunteers (378 pages) .........$20

In Remembrance, Transcripts from funeral memorial cards of White County, IL 1891-2002..............$17.00


Early Land Grants of White County Il (240 pages) Includes 1818-1976 Probate Index IL 1850-1854 Deed Records,  full name index.. $25

Original Land Grants, White County Illinois (356 pages, soft-cover) Alphabetical list of purchasers.......... $30


White County Illinois Wills, 1816-1918 (218 pages) Includes 1916 Marriages, 1860-1898 Naturalizations, Early Obituaries, plus Teacher Lists, Unclaimed mail, etc., from early 1900's........... $20

Early White County Wills, 1816-1848 (88 pages, softback, indexed). Not just extracts, but photocopies of the originals ............... $10

Index to White County Il Court Papers, Vol I: A-M (332 pages) Actual reproduction of 1860-1888 Index, includes Defendant, Plaintiff, Action (e.g., divorce, foreclosure, partition, injunction, etc.), case # & box #. I don't find much useful in these books....... $25

Index to White County Illinois Court Papers, Vol II: N-Z (248 pages) Continuation of above book; includes list of White County Sheriffs 1816-1982.............. $20


1830-1840 Federal Census, White County Illinois (54 pages, soft-cover, index) ...................... $10

1850 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (203 pages, soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1860 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1870 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1880 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1900 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1910 U.S. Census of White County Illinois (soft-cover, surname index) .......... $15

1920 White County Census transcription (hardback, indexed)  .......... $50


1883 White County History--Over 14,000 past county residents are mentioned, and the book has been updated with historic photos (A separate index is available for $15). It looks like we are out of stock as of 5/2010 but occasionally get copies for resale ..... $85  You can see an index to the book at http://everynameindex.com/WhiteCoIL.html

A Matter of History (100 pages, softback, indexed). News accounts of pioneer times (from 1815-1900) recorded by Will Hay from 1911-1915. Compiled by Charlene Shields ...... $10

Out-of-stock--Index to History of White County Illinois (113 pages, soft-cover) Approximately 14,000 names ....... $15

Heritage Houses of White County Illinois (50 pages, hard-cover) Full-page photos and excerpts (only the first few paragraphs)  from articles on enshrinement of first 22 houses. I have started a page on all heritage houses, as the project ended in 2006......................................................... $20

Gentlemen from Illinois, by James E. Davis (135 pages, soft-cover) Biographical sketches and photos of several prominent Carmi residents of the 1800's--has a long section on Civil War (this book is not indexed and does not even have a good table of contents, but it is interesting and well-written). . . . . . . . $15

NO LONGER AVAILABLE--Norris City & Indian Creek Township, White County Illinois, by Edward Oliver (113 pages, soft-cover) This was written in the 1970s for the Lions Club

Carmi Illinois 1818-1966 Sesquicentennial Booklet, by J Robert Smith. (44 pages, soft-cover) Photos--This makes a cheap introduction to White County history, and is worth much more, but we have many copies available so can sell it cheaply. Recently a copy sold for $30 on ebay......... $3

Out-of-Print A Sketch of Crossville Illinois In the Early Twentieth Century, by Max Endicott (24 pages, soft-cover)

Centennial History of Crossville & Phillips Township (184 pages, soft-cover, indexed) This book was done by Janet Armstrong and Charlene Shields, the founders of the genealogy library, and is a genealogical treasure trove. As of 5/2010 it may be out of print. .......... $15

Carmi Times White County Sesquicentennial Newspaper (1815-1965) (164 pages) Special Historical Edition. These originals are yellowed, but a good deal, price reduced 6/2010................$5 

Carmi Times Carmi Illinois Sesquicentennial Newspaper (1816-1966) (24 pages) Special Historical Edition, reduced 6/2010. .....................$2

Yesteryear's news, White County, Illinois. Copies of columns from White County Newspapers, telling the news of 10, 25, 50, 100 years ago. Columns are dated between 1934 and 1998 (350 pages, full-name index).......................$15

The Scrapbook of Clara Mae Hillyard, 1914-1920. Photocopies of clippings from a scrapbook made in the World War I era. Lists most inductees, MIAs, killed, captured, wounded, heroes, etc. as well as weddings and general-interest items, including photos. (175 pages, soft-cover, full-name index)................$10

History of Enfield, Illinois. A reprint of Margaret Land's 1953 history, with an index and several extra photos, including a 1924 Enfield High School class picture ............ $10

History of Mill Shoals. Published in 1990s, indexed ............ $20

Lest We Forget--Burnt Prairie and It's Past, third edition.. Indexed..................$20.00

OUT-OF-STOCK--The National Currency Era: An Illustrated History at the National Bank of Carmi, by Wm. K. Pete Fulkerson (32 pages, soft-cover)

SOME OUT-OF-STOCK--Color postcards. A-Courthouse, 8-Ratcliff Inn, C-Robinson-Stewart house, or D-Castle (Williams home) ...... $1 ea.


1871 Plat Map of White County, by J B Westbrook (36" x 43" bond) Names all land-owners, and was prepared before current township structure adopted; in mailing tube...... $10, plus $3 for the tube

1930 Plat Map of White County. Names all land-owners, in mailing tube...... $10, plus $3 for the tube

Out-of-Stock. Rural School District Map of White County Illinois (11" x 17") Lists name & location of schools.

Cemetery Map for all White County Cemeteries, using 911or Rural Reference numbering system........$10, plus $3 for the tube


Letters written by Dr. Daniel Berry to Marry Berry Crebs Berry During the Civil War [Letters of the 87th Illinois Volunteer Infantry 1863 to 1867.] edited by Harriet B. Vaught ........ $20

White County's Own, a History of the 87th IL Volunteer Infantry, by J.E. Mayse (softbound, indexed). Published 1999 ................. $12

Veterans of White County Illinois (solftback, indexed) New in 1999, contains information about all war veterans ...... $25

Our address: Mary Smith Fay Library, White County Historical Society, P.O. Box 121, Carmi, IL, 62821. Our phone at the Carnegie Library is 618-382-8425. Please make your check payable to the Society. Please e-mail me with any questions, and print out this page to mail an order.

We would also be interested in purchasing your books or materials about White County, and would be willing to photocopy church or cemetery records or family histories you may have. We do not purchase family histories, but invite you to donate a copy to the library as advertising to others.

The library's email address is w.c.h.s-genealogy@hotmail.com. The Genealogy Library is accepting books, family histories, scrapbooks, or GEDCOM files which include White County connections.

The genealogy library, at 203 N. Church,  is open Tuesday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., (except for a Christmas holiday), with a  paid librarian. During winter months the librarian, Diane Waggoner, suggests you call ahead to make sure the library will be open. She can also do some pre-screening for your research. We have email for the library, but can only give basic information in answer to queries over the internet. The hours are current as of September 3, 2002.

If you are planning to visit Carmi also visit the Carmi Public Library, located on Slocumb Street near the intersection between Illinois Highway 1 and 14. It has a nice genealogy area, somewhat lacking in organization, and is open to 8 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 6 p.m. on Friday and 5 p.m. on Saturday.

The volunteer staff at the genealogy library will do research at the courthouse or library. They ask for a $10 per hour donation to the library plus 20 cents per letter  page or 25 cents for legal copies. If you are interested, send a letter with your questions, a budget, and as much background information as you can provide to the address above.

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